I have very, very sensitive skin so I have during the last year tossed most (except my dear Big Bold Mascara) of my old drugstore make-up and replaced it with more expensive brands.  
Probably my all time favorite foundation. I bought one (Pebble) for the first time this spring and fell in love with it. My skintone was much darker than usual this summer because of the heatwave and my trip to Alanya in May, so I had to buy a new lighter shade (Ivory Beige) that I could blend with my old one. 
The foundation is remarkably lasting, and especially with the loose powder which I will write about later. It completley covers up my blemishes and is also buildable and doesn't feel "heavy" or "caked" at all. It just gives a lovely finish to your skin. 
I use this over my Double Wear foundation and it's definitely a must have! It's lightweight and doesn't settle in lines or pores. I can't remember the exact intensity I'm wearing but if you ask at the store they will help you find the perfect one. I bought my powder at Boots in London
Naturally big lips and northen climate is not a good combination and I am the living proof of that. I can only wear lipstick on rare occasions because most brands dry out my already dry lips even more. I have to exfoliate my lips 5 days a week and use the lipbalm Carmex Cherry before and after I go to bed. But Estee Lauders Pure Color Lipstick is moisturizing and stays on for hours.
Quickly and gently removes all makeup. Just like it is supposed to. It feels nice and smells good as well.
I use Night repair and Advanced Time Zone afterwards
It stays true to colour, goes on effortless and looks natural throughout the day.
I use a the brush that comes with and then a bigger cheaper brush I bought at H&M. 


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