EVERYDAY: To do list

- Two pictures I took the other day when I walked to the gym in the ice cold winter weather.
I CAN'T believe it's almost Christmas. Where the hell did the days, weeks and months go?
I'm still very stressed though. Why does this time of the year have to be so hectic? You literally can't breath normally until after New Years Eve. 
To do list:
-  Apply for a new passport (And pray that I won't look like a cold-blooded criminal from "Orange Is The New Black" this time).
-  Buy the last of my Christmas presents.
-  Find my lost ski boots so I can go downhill skiing in January.
-  Start watching 'State Of Affairs', House Of Cards', and 2 Broke Girls' 
-  Book tickets to the Broadway shows I'm going to see in June.
-  Send a Xmas package to my cousins in Gambia.
-  Start and finish reading 'A Song of Ice and Fire/ aka Game Of Thrones)
-  Buy new boots and a winter jacket.