Clodpate: Still a work in progress

I'm back.
I finally got my domain name back after a year-long battle with a clodpate (I LOVE love love that word so much. And what exactly is a clodpate?..... It's a loooooooong story that I promise that I'll make a post about soon!)
To quote my last "I'm back" post: "Writing has always been such an important part of my life and putting feelings and thoughts into words produces therapeutic effects for me. I feel much calmer"
So what have I been up to instead of blogging? 
Alot have happened since last year. ALOT of which I can't write here but I'll mention a few:
- I'm finishing my University Degree.
- I have been in and out of love and confusing "relationships" with a lot of mixed feelings inbetween (Long story). But that's finally over now (Well some recent drama happened on Valentines Day in LDN but that's completely over, I think...and hope) and I'm finally pretty content with my life. The Incredible Power of Contentment. My life is not perfect but I made room for what I thought and still believe really matters. 
- I've had my usual trips to London. 
- Still writing for BWW. 
- My best friend and I went to New York last summer for 2 weeks. (My second time there, and definitely not my last.)
- I'm working out 6 days a week and started a pretty strict diet in August last year that I'm still following (I can count on one hand how many times I've cheated. lol. I need that summer bod)
- Freaked out over TV-Shows. (JOHN SNOW! GLENN! ANNA-LISE. NEEEEEGAN")
- Also started some new shows. I'm currently following 25 shows. Yes 25!)
- I've been dealing with the loss of my aunt.
- I finally got to see U2 live (One of my all time favorite rock bands since age 6)
- I HAVE BEYONCÉ GOLDEN CIRCLE TICKETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
- Still a work in progress. As the title also says. 


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